Careers Beyond the Rig Floor

Oil and gas companies are in the business of producing petroleum.  Service rig companies are in the business of building teams with specialized rig knowledge.

Employers understand that a floorhand position opens a rewarding career path.  Many service rig company presidents started on the rig floor themselves.  And they will work with you to develop the skills and knowledge that can be applied to management positions across the industry.

As part of a rig crew, you will prove that you understand what it takes to be part of a team. You'll develop leadership qualities, and you'll increase your technical understanding of well servicing operations and mechanics.

This combination of skills will set you apart.  Service rig companies look for individuals with this experience when they recruit for management positions.

Service rig crews help specialized oilfield service companies apply their equipment to a wellsite.  Experienced crewmembers can find opportunites in these oil and gas sectors that include oilfield services such as snubbing, fracking and coil tubing.

There are also international positions available for experienced crewmembers.  Canada's rig expertise is highly regarded in many oil producing countries.