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Service Rig Competency Program (SRCP)

The CAODC Service Rig Competency Program (SRCP) was developed in partnership with Enform and introduced in 2004.

The program helps Canada's service rig industry achieve the following goals:

  • To provide a consistent, transferable training standard across the industry,
  • To create a training tool that benefits large or small companies,
  • To increase the pool of skilled employees across the service rig industry, and
  • To grow the safest workforce possible for the service rig industry.
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Individuals who operate service rig equipment are often categorized as unskilled labour.  CAODC believes service rig workers are highly skilled, but industry has never had a benchmark to indicate when an employee's experience moves beyond training and becomes competence and skill.  The Competency Program seeks to change the profile of the industry by offering a consistent means for employees to become better trained and to afford them the recognition of skilled workers.

The SRCP curriculum was developed in consultation with senior field personnel (or subject matter experts).  Their direct knowledge of the most critical field tasks lead to the creation of these valuable teaching tools.

SRCP is more than just a way for employees to increase the value of their hourly wage.  The program gives employees an opportunity to meet an objective assessment and reach for a higher training standard.  Also, because it's an industry-wide standard, Competency Certification is a credential that goes with you if you change employers.

Thhis program not only benefits the individuals enrolled in the program, it strengthens the industry as a whole.  Everyone who participates in the program - from new crewmembers undergoing the assessment to senior supervisors who encourage their crews to meet this standard - makes an important contribution to the service rig industry's goal of improving its overall safety record.

How Does the Program Work?

Employees are issued the apporpriate training manual (Floorhand, Derrickhand, Driller).  Employees read through each module, completing the self-test either at their own pace or in conjunction with on-the-job training.  An assesor then assess both the employee's hands-on skill and his/her theoretical knowledge.

Depending on an individual's experience and on the availablility of assessors, each level of certification can take from 6 months to 1 year to complete.  Once an assessment is completed, the tests are sent to Enform which administers the SRCP certification.

Who are the Assessors?

To be an Assessor for the Service Rig Competency Program, individuals must have completed a one-day course with Enform.  The course covers measures of competence and responsibilities of the Assessor.  In order to maintain a valid certification, the Assessor must complete at least one assessment every three years.  Only field Superintendents and Rig Managers currently employed with a service rig contractor are eligible to enroll in the course.